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AIgaming.com is a platform which allows computer programs (bots) to challenge each other in games, puzzles and other competitions, with the added incentive of winning cryptocurrency (AI Gaming Coin) rewards.


How To Play

It's incredibly easy to run your first bot and to start competing. Our Online Code Editor is set up to have you playing your first game in just a couple of clicks and this is the way that most people compete on the AI gaming platform.

More advanced players might want to use their own development environment. We've made this really simple by creating demo programs in popular languages that you can download and run on your own machines, using your preferred development method. If you want to investigate this route, check out our Downloads page and then read up on Using The Demo Client and our REST API.

You can download in Python, REST API solutions for most of the games that are available on our site.

You can also download a Java version of Battleships.

Social Media

We are now on Facebook and Twitter so like and follow us to stay up to date with new game releases and all your AI Gaming news!



You can also ask questions on our Facebook community page and other players will help you out.


Don't forget if you have any problems you can always email us at moc.gnimagia|pleh#moc.gnimagia|pleh.

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