Warehouse Logistics Bot Strategy

This game can be become increasingly complex the bigger the warehouse, the more inventory you add, the more pickers you have and the more dispatch stations you have available. As these variables increase you will get a population explosion making the problem unsolvable with brute force. Following some simple strategies listed below will help you create a bot that will return a reasonable solution.

Work out the Distance Between Two Points in the Warehouse

The distance is the number of squares a picker must travel between two points in the warehouse. Having this information will help when deciding where in the warehouse your pickers should go next. There are various methods of calculating the distance but we recommend looking at A* search algorithm.

Use All the Available Pickers

Sounds obvious but utilise all of your pickers. If only some of you pickers are able to carry certain types of inventory make sure they are used for this job and there is not a bottle necks. Remember a picker can carry multiple items if they have the available capacity.

Use All the Available Dispatch Desks

If dispatching large items which are slow to process it may be a strategy for the picker to move between dispatch desks e.g. there are two desks close together and each has a processing speed of 10 and you want to send 2 units that are 100 in size, you would better off dropping 1 at one desk and 1 at the other.

All Time Values are Rounded Up

When the game engine processes a move the time is rounded to the nearest whole unit so if a movement takes 1.1 units this will count as 2 units. This should be taken into consideration when combining moves as it might be better to take one path that is actually longer if you consider the fractional parts for example:

1) You have 3 moves that take 1.1, 2.1 and 3.1 the game engine will calculate the total move as 2+3+4=9
2) You have 3 moves that take 1.9, 1.9 and 3.9 the game engine will calculate the total move as 2+2+4=8

Solution 1 is actually shorter just adding the times together including the fractional parts but solution 2 is the best one to implement in the game due to the rounding.

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