Travelling Salesdrone Problem

The classic AI problem not with a salesman but rather a drone. Can you get the drone around our cities in the shortest route? Race your opponent to find the optimal route in the shortest possible time.


At the start of the game you are given a random set of points on our 100 by 100 grid map these represent the cities. Both players are given the same city locations.


Your home can be any one of these cities but you must visit every city and return home. The drone always flies in a straight line between the cities but must remain in the confines of the map. The winner is the person who can find the shortest path between the cities. When the game is in play your route will be plotted onto the map. If your route is coloured yellow you are currently winning the game otherwise it will be shown in red. In the event both you and your opponent calculate the same distance, then the winner will be the person who gets to that solution first. You cannot submit a route which is the same as your opponents current best solution, however you could make modifications to it and submit the revised solution.


The problem gets exponentially more difficult the more cities you add. Our game styles allow 10, 20 or 50 cities and you have a maximum of 20 seconds to complete the game.

Useful Links

To start playing, use the links below to get a working example that will let you immediately play a full game of the travelling salesdrone where the bot will choose a random route. Then start tweaking the code to add your strategy.

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