Testing Tips

You can run the demo client multiple times from Visual Studio by starting it from the Solution Explorer (right click Blackjack > Debug > Start new instance), or you may find it more convenient for debugging to run two copies of Visual Studio and run one instance from each.

A bot id can only be logged in on one client at a time, so if you would like to play two bots against each other on your own machine, create at least one additional bot id in the Bot Management tab at the website. Then use the "Specify Opponent" text box on the client to ensure your bots only play each other. When you are ready to play bots belonging to other users, use the "Don't play another bot in the same user account" checkbox to ensure your bots don't end up playing each other again.

For testing, we provide one game style with a timeout of 300000 ms (five minutes). This is useful to allow you to use breakpoints and step through your code, but please note that your client will wait for the full five minutes if for example it’s opponent crashes.

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