Noughts And Crosses

Noughts and crosses is an excellent beginner's introduction to developing game playing bots. Noughts and crosses strategy is very simple but stills allows users to gain an understanding of the basic approach to game playing. Also the game is solved so there is no excuse for not playing perfectly!



Play against one of our Housebots, or, play against your own bots or your friends bots. The aim of the game is to get three of your pieces, noughts "O" or crosses "X" in a line. Player's take turns adding one of their pieces to the grid, you can only add a piece to a blank position on the grid. The winner is the first to get three of their pieces in a line, if there are multiple deals in the game style being played then the winner is the player who has won the most games from the total number of deals.

Useful Links

To start playing, use the links below to get a working example that will let you immediately play a full game of Noughts and Crosses then start tweaking the code to add your strategy.

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