The AI Gaming Master Challenge!

Become the next champion

Code a bot to beat the current housebot-master to win 100,000 mA and a place in history!

We are offering an ongoing competition for all our users. Code a battleships bot which can beat the currently winning bot (housebot-master) over 1000 games and you will win 100,000 mA, credited to your account, be recorded in our hall of fame, and become the new housebot-master yourself. Please see full Ts and Cs below.

Update: To ensure a fair playing field, we are restricting this competition to only bots created in the Online Code Editor

Battleships housebot-master Hall of Fame

Position Date BotName UserName First Name Win Rate
1 23/01/2018 OXfold-Prime OXfold Daniel 67.01%
2 06/12/2017 OXIntegral-2 OXIntegral Alex 54.53%
3 04/11/2017 OXAMBIENCE Adamea Adam 75.83%
4 16/06/2017 abkeble-1 abkeble Aaron 70.05%

Terms and Conditions

  • Bots must play at least 1000 games against the bot named housebot-master using the same source code and win more than 50% of games to qualify.
  • Games must be completed within 30 days.
  • If you have achieved this, please email us from your account email address at moc.gnimagia|retsam#moc.gnimagia|retsam with your bot name and we will start the qualification process:
    • Games must be conducted via the OCE, we will check our logs to determine the % win rate.
  • If you win the competition, your code will then be used to create the next housebot-master.
  • The housebot-master may change during your 1000 games, the above rules still apply.
  • Users may not win twice in a row, i.e. the reigning master bot user may not enter this competition
  • For our general Ts and Cs, please follow this link
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