Known Issues is a beta site and you should expect the occasional issue (although we do our best!). In particular, the Online Code Editor has only recently been released. If you experience any odd symptoms, please let one of us know on slack or in person. Usually reloading the page will resolve issues. Please take a separate backup of your code by cutting and pasting into Notepad++ or similar at regular intervals.

Play another game checkbox

If you check this box in order to play another game, a second game starts successfully. However, the checkbox is now unchecked. The OCE will continue to play additional games indefinitely. Clicking STOP will stop the current running game and you may lose by default as a result. If you would like to stop playing additional games neatly at the end of the current game, please click to check the box then a second time to uncheck it.


Some browser addons such as Adblock may mean the game does not start when using the Online Code Editor so disable this addon for the aigaming site. Don't worry we won't serve you any adverts.

Use Chrome browser

The majority of our development and testing is carried out in Google's Chrome browser. Although the site appears to work properly in other browsers, we strongly recommend you use Chrome for best results.

Time limit on waiting for opponent

There is a limit of three minutes to find an opponent (if you specify anyone or a specific opponent). If no appropriate opponent is found within this period, you will receive the message NO_OPPONENT_FOUND, and your stake will be refunded.

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