Four in a Row Bot Strategy

Four in a Row is a strongly solved perfect information strategy game by that we mean the player who has the first move has a winning strategy whatever his opponent plays.

To play this perfect game the code required is quite complex but below as some basic strategies.

Check for a Win

Produce a sub-routine to check if there is a winning solution on any given board. You can then use this to simulate what will happen if you play any valid move.

Win if you Can

Is simply check if you can play a counter to win the game.

Block if you can

Next check to see if you need to play a move to block your opponent from winning.

Eliminate moves

Eliminate moves that if you play them your opponent can play a winning move i.e. you should never play under an opponent winning positions. So in the example below yellow should not play a counter in position 'x':


Try to Create a Magic 7

Try and get into a position where you can force a win no matter what you opponents does. This can be achieved by creating a sequence called the 'magic 7' as shown below:


In this position red can force a win as they have positions 'x' and 'y' where both result in a win for red.

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