Dominoes is the classic two player game where you take turns to place a domino on one open end of the domino board and try to beat your opponent by laying all your dominoes first, or being left with the lowest number of spots in your hand once no more turns can be played.


At the start of the game both players are given seven dominoes.
One player is randomly chosen to go first and one of their dominoes is randomly selected to be placed as the first domino in the centre.
Each player then alternately takes a turn placing a matching domino on one open end of the domino board.
If they aren't able to make a move, a player draws a domino from the remaining dominoes and their turn is skipped.
This process repeats until one player can make a move or we run out of dominoes.
The first player to use all of the dominoes in their hand is the winner. If neither player is able to move and all of the remaining dominoes have been picked up, then the player whose hand has the smallest total number of spots wins.
If both players have the same number of spots, the game ends in a draw and nobody wins.

Useful Links

To start playing, use the links below to get a working example that will let you immediately play a full game of Dominoes then start tweaking the code to add your strategy.

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