Dominoes Bot Strategy

Block Dominoes is a relatively simple game, however there are a few general dominoes strategies to keep in mind when playing.

Doubles are bad

If you have chance to play the double, you’d better play that because doubles have less chance to match the number on the open end of the domino board

High-points dominoes are dangerous

Try to play your high value dominoes as soon as possible as one of the conditions of victory is to have the lowest points on your hand.

Variety of number

Try to keep at least one of every number in your hand as long as you can. This can make sure you can play in every turns and get closer to be the winner.

Find what number your opponent doesn’t have

When your opponent has to pass, remember the two number on the open ends because your opponent doesn’t have those numbers. Then you can block him.

Guess your opponent’s tiles

It’s hard to identify your opponent’s tiles but it’s doable to guess his tiles.
You can observe the domino board and the current dominoes in your hand.
Then it’s possible to calculate the probability that whether he could play later on according to what you play this turn.

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