Blackjack Rules

First, several packs of cards are shuffled together to form a deck. Then the deck is duplicated so both players will play with an identical deck. Both players begin with an equal number of starting chips and the winner is the player with the highest stack at the end of the game. Alternatively, if you run out of chips you immediately lose. We then begin the first deal.

For each deal, the players first independently choose the amount of chips they wish to wager for that deal. Players can wager anything from 1 chip to all of their chips. Cards are now dealt face up from the top of the deck to the player and the dealer, one of the dealer's cards is placed face down. Now both players play against the virtual dealer according to the following rules:

Players want to get a higher total value of cards than the dealer without going bust.
Cards are valued as follows and suit does not matter. Cards 2-10 (pip cards) have value equal to their number. The jack, queen, and king each have value 10 and the ace may take values 1 or 11.
Players can hit (take an extra card), double (double their bet, take an extra card, and end their round), or stand (end their round)
A player/dealer goes bust, automatically ends their round, and loses the chips they wagered if their cards have a total value greater than 21.
A player/dealer has a blackjack and automatically ends their round if their initial two cards have value 21.

If the player has ended their round without going bust, it is now the dealer's turn. First the dealer will turn over their face down card and then follow the following rules. The dealer will hit until the value of its cards are greater than 16, then it will stand. If the dealer has finished its round without busting, any player who has a hand with value larger than the dealer's wins that deal and receives chips equal to the amount of chips they wagered. Any player who has a hand with a lower value than the dealer's loses that deal and loses their wagered chips. Equal value hands result in a draw and no chips are won or lost.

Special Cases:

- If the player has a blackjack and the dealer doesn't, the player immediately wins chips equal to 150% of their wagered chips.
- If the dealer's face up card is a face card (jack, queen, king, ace), the dealer privately looks at their other, face down, card and if they have a blackjack the below rules immediately apply
- If the player has a blackjack and the dealer has a blackjack, the deal ends and no chips are won or lost.
- If the player doesn't have a blackjack and the dealer does, the deal ends and the player immediately loses their wagered chips.

Play now proceeds to the next deal, each player is informed of their opponent's new stack size, and they are dealt new cards. If one player has used more cards than another their deck is duplicated for both players to keep them in sync. The deals continue until there are no cards remaining in the deck, then the game ends and the player with the most chips wins. If there are insufficient cards for the final deal it is voided.

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